Methode  Traditionelle

Hand made Sparkling Wine is by far the most fun wine to make.  There is an amazing aesthetic to the creation of small batches of traditionally made sparkling wine.  The process is quiet and social and the work is mostly by hand.  


The process of making the traditional sparkling.

Step 1.  Make the base wine.

Step 2.  Re ferment the base wine in bottle.

Step 3.  Age the sparkling wine on its ferment yeast lees in the bottle

Step 4.  Disgorge the yeast lees from the clear sparkling wine.

The flavor of great sparkling is derived from the quality of the grapes, primary fermentation techniques, the second ferment in the bottle, the time spent on yeast lees, the finishing liqueur (liqueur d'expedition) and the skill of the winemaker in putting all of this together in just the right way.

Our MT NV spends a minimum of nine months on yeast lees in the bottle.  This time gives the wine a lovely bread character that compliments and balances subtle orchard fruit.  Our sparkling is disgorged in small quantities leaving the bulk of the wine to age on yeast for as long as possible whilst ensuring that the finished wine for sale is al;ways fresh.